Heart Of The River Healing Center
44 St. Croix Tr. S.,
Lakeland, MN 55043

About Heart Of The River Healing Center


Heart of the River Healing Center is located in Lakeland, MN.  Opened in 2012, Heart of the River offers services and classes in the St. Croix River Valley area. Eva Branson of Sacred Lotus Massage and Bodywork and Claire Marie of CMK Energy are partnering to form a welcoming space for exploration and healing.  

In 2013 Heart of the River partnered again with Toni Geving of Being Whole Massage and Angel Services.  Toni has been an incredible addition to our partnership. 

Now we have added other practitioners to our family such as Stacy Wagner from Boglius Fitness and Jennifer Hummel from The Sprouted Path. Each practitioner is here for you to work with as you see fit and we work together to support your needs.